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Photographs from around Britain. Available to buy as open edition prints, canvases, float-mounted prints etc.

See this page for information on print dimensions and product types.

From City skylines to intimate urban pictures - a small selection.

Landscapes and seascapes in colour from around Britain.

I have been specialising in infrared photography for some time now. These images are all taken with a camera converted to record only Infrared Light which is not visible to the human eye. It takes considerable experience to recognise which scenes will work and how to get the most from them.

The flora of the British Isles is beautiful and varied, the colours and fragility of our plants is amazing. I can't resist them.

Monochrome images show us the true beauty that exists in texture and tonality brought to life by light.

These images are panoramas that are capable of being printed two meters wide or more, in some cases much, much more. Call 0777 212 9191 to discuss your requirements.

Good light on any subject will draw my attention. These pictures do not fit into the other categories.